English - Grade 12 -2023 G.C

Grade 12 students can now access their exam results by visiting the Educational Assessment and Examination Services (EAES) website.

37. Most of us are not modest enough to learn from others. We always think we are the best.

  1. submissive
  2. polite
  3. humble
  4. inferior

38. When we take an entrance examination like this, the results are almost always dual. So, we have to work hard to be in the pass group and avert the fail one.

  1. teamed
  2. paired
  3. binary
  4. both

39. There is a huge increase in the number of newly set up educational institutions during the last thirty years but we need to work on quality as well.

  1. comprehensive
  2. progressive
  3. massive
  4. bulky

40. We cannot be talking about failure of plans every year. What have you done about them and where and when did you succeed?

  1. weakness
  2. miscarriage
  3. impracticality
  4. shallowness

41. The main factor that led to the disbanding of the union is unfair distribution of union income is unfair distribution of income among members. Some of the leaders were absurdly egocentric.

  1. pincipal
  2. best
  3. direct
  4. simple

We have provided these questions from previous years grade 12 Ethiopian Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination (ESSLCE) exams with the sole purpose of assisting students in their studies and preparations for upcoming exams. Please be aware that these questions are not indicative of future exam content. Good luck with your studies!

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