English - Grade 12 -2023 G.C

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79. is their students like passing who actually failed in killing have a generation exams.

  1. Killing a generation is like passing students in their exams who have actually failed.
  2. Passing students in their exams is like a generation who have actually failed killing.
  3. Passing a generation is like killing students who have actually failed in their exams.
  4. Passing students who have actually failed in their exams is like killing a generation.

80. be who stories learn there about are to many couldn't how rich people.

  1. Stories are there about many rich people who couldn't learn how to be.
  2. Stories about how many people are there who couldn't learn to be rich.
  3. There are many stories about people who couldn't learn how to be rich.
  4. Many rich people are there who couldn't learn about how to be stories.

Section Six: Word Spelling

Directions: Question 81 and 82 are on word spelling. From the alternatives A-D, choose the one which is correctly spelt and blacken the letter of your choice on the separate answer sheet provided.


  1. compasion
  2. divission
  3. concession
  4. recession


  1. wraught
  2. sought
  3. thaught
  4. tought

We have provided these questions from previous years grade 12 Ethiopian Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination (ESSLCE) exams with the sole purpose of assisting students in their studies and preparations for upcoming exams. Please be aware that these questions are not indicative of future exam content. Good luck with your studies!

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