English - Grade 12 -2023 G.C

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46. What, according to Paragraph 3, is the most undesirable consequence of academic cheating?

  1. A five-year hold and pending remark on the cheater's records
  2. The psychological and mental trauma inflicted on the cheater
  3. A disciplinary note recorded on and academic transcript
  4. Suspension from the university for one or more terms

47. Which one of the following, in your opinion, belongs to non-academic cheating?

  1. Stealing others' research plans and designs to write a thesis
  2. Taking other students' statistics for report in assignments
  3. Using fake signatures in applications for financial aid
  4. Using others' lab reports for submission in a course

48. What does the word they in "... obviously, they will result in negative effects" refer to (Paragraph 2)?

  1. Both academic and non-academic cheating
  2. Similarities between types of cheating
  3. Students behind the act of cheating
  4. Reasons and methods of cheating

49. What do you think is the most important reason behind secondary school leavers' attempt to plagiarize in this exam?

  1. The feeling of dependence on others
  2. The interest to score good grades
  3. Laziness and making little effort
  4. Lack of self-confidence

50. Which one of the following is NOT among the similarities between academic and non-academic plagiarism (Paragraph 2)?

  1. The specific interest behind the act
  2. The anticipated rewards of the act
  3. The way the act is committed
  4. The actors of plagiarism

We have provided these questions from previous years grade 12 Ethiopian Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination (ESSLCE) exams with the sole purpose of assisting students in their studies and preparations for upcoming exams. Please be aware that these questions are not indicative of future exam content. Good luck with your studies!

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