Are you ready to challenge your knowledge with fun and exciting trivia quiz questions in Amharic? Look no further! We offer thousands of questions about a variety of topics, including geography, history, sports, music, and much more. Whether you're an avid learner, a trivia buff, or just looking for a fun family activity, our trivia quiz game is perfect for you. With virtually endless questions, you can test your knowledge of Ethiopia and the world, and learn something new every time you play. Simply choose a question to start playing and enjoy the game! Try it now and see how much you know.

Question #1 ጥያቄ ቁ.1
Question #2ጥያቄ ቁ.2
Question #3ጥያቄ ቁ.3
Question #4ጥያቄ ቁ.4
Question #5ጥያቄ ቁ.5
Question #6ጥያቄ ቁ.6
Question #7ጥያቄ ቁ.7
Question #8ጥያቄ ቁ.8
Question #9ጥያቄ ቁ.9
Question #10ጥያቄ ቁ.10

How to play

Ten random quiz questions are picked for you, answer the 10 multiple-choice quiz questions from the list above as accurately as possible. Your score will be displayed at the top after each play. You can always skip questions temporarily and come back to it later. Unanswered questions are marked in blue , incorrectly answered questions are marked in green and wrongly answred questions are marked in red. New questions are loaded everytime, hence you can continue playing non-stop as much as you want.
This game is compatible with all mobile, tablet and dektop devices. It's all free and online based, no download required.

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