English - Grade 12 -2023 G.C

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19. Tesfaye: The security guard tells me his wife has been hospitalized.
You: ________________

  1. Perhaps we could contribute some money and help.
  2. What a pity! Who takes care of the children then?
  3. Really? Health care is very expensive these days.
  4. You know, I have never met his wife, have you?

20. Almaz: This plate fell off the cabinet but it didn't break.
Husband: __________________

  1. You are being rather too careless these days.
  2. How nice! It seems to be made of porcelain.
  3. Please, keep the plates in a safe place.
  4. These days, plates are not like that.

21. Student: Sir, We've won the inter-school competition. Our school stood first.
Director: _____________

  1. What great news! I'm pleased to hear that.
  2. Really? I actually knew two of the judges.
  3. Wasn't the competition stiff as such?
  4. This is our first time to participate.

22. Teacher: I always see Mimi and Bultum studying. They're working hard.
Colleague: ______________

  1. You know, I teach them two subjects - Biology and Chemistry.
  2. Great! There is a good chance they'll pass the national exam.
  3. Bultum is one of the very hardworking students in class.
  4. Maybe, they'll also need to do other things in between.

23. Driver: What do you mean? How can a robot replace me?
You: ________________

  1. I have seen robots on TV and they are really very smart.
  2. Haven't you seen robots helping people cross roads?
  3. To give you an idea, robots can do anything we do.
  4. Robots are products of modern technology.

We have provided these questions from previous years grade 12 Ethiopian Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination (ESSLCE) exams with the sole purpose of assisting students in their studies and preparations for upcoming exams. Please be aware that these questions are not indicative of future exam content. Good luck with your studies!

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