English - Grade 12 -2023 G.C

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14. Leul: I hear they have all been trapped in a tunnel.
Brother: _____________

  1. In fact, tunnels should have been out of use.
  2. No, no! What can be done to save them?
  3. When do they come out, you think?
  4. I know tunnels could be dangerous.

15. Amesu: When is your sister going to the university?
Yonas: ______________

  1. None of the universities will start within a month. They are not ready.
  2. She wants to go to Dubai and work. They have bought her a ticket.
  3. Addis Ababa University is her favorite choice.
  4. In my opinion, she is not going to do that. She is not interested.

16. Colleague: We're going out for dinner tonight, aren't we?
You: _____________

  1. Are you a member of the Social Committee?
  2. How much money do we have for that?
  3. I'm not coming, if you don't mind.
  4. That restaurant is always busy.

17. Christian: Sir!
Mr. Sharma: That is not in my field of studies, but basically it is ...

  1. Some people say that you have published over fifty one books so far.
  2. Would you like to say something about Artificial Intelligence?
  3. Is it true that you are one of the best astronomers in India?
  4. Your presentation was finished just on time. Good job!

18. Journalist: Why is it that you always avoid coming out on mass media such as TV?
Psychologist: _______________

  1. You know many people who call themselves elites like TVs and radios.
  2. After all, mass media in this country should be doing their proper jobs.
  3. In fact, mass media plays a big role in raising awareness on the issue.
  4. The reason I don't want to do that is very personal. You know, ....

We have provided these questions from previous years grade 12 Ethiopian Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination (ESSLCE) exams with the sole purpose of assisting students in their studies and preparations for upcoming exams. Please be aware that these questions are not indicative of future exam content. Good luck with your studies!

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