Ethiopian Minibus Taxi
Ethiopian Minibus Taxi

In Ethiopia, a minibus taxi is a popular form of public transportation that consists of a small van or bus that operates on a fixed route and picks up passengers along the way.

Minibus taxis are typically privately owned and operated, and they can be easily identified by their blue and white colors. They are often crowded and can become quite uncomfortable during peak hours, but they are also an affordable and convenient way to get around in cities and towns across Ethiopia.

To use a minibus taxi in Ethiopia, you can simply wait for one at a designated stop or flag one down on the street. Once you are on board, you can tell the driver when you want to get off, and the fare is typically paid at the end of the journey.

Overall, while minibus taxis may not be the most comfortable, they are a popular and affordable option for locals and tourists alike, and can provide a unique and authentic experience of Ethiopian life and culture.

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