Amharic Numbers Converter

Quick tool to convert any western number to Amharic word.

Geez Numbers Converter

Free tool to convert any western number to Geez word and numeric.

Oromiffa Numbers Converter

Another tool to convert western number to Oromiffa word

Ethiopian Licence Plate Maker

Fun tool to create your own personalized Ethiopian Licence plates.

Amharic Keyboard

Free online Amharic keyboard, you can also use the keyboard on your website for free.

Amharic Text To Image

Great tool to convert your Amharic text to images.

Ethiopian Personal Income TAX Caclulator

This free tax calculator helps you determine your personal income tax in Ethiopia

Amharic Spelling Checker

Free online Amharic spelling checker. You can use this tool to instantly check for spelling errors.

Random Amharic Words Generator

Free online tool to generate unique random Amharic words and display output in different styles.

Amharic Chat Robot

This is the first Ethiopian Amharic speaking chat robot available to the public. The bot makes use of artifical intelligence (AI) to handle and analyze Amharic conversations.

Amharic Speech Recognition

Instantly transcribe your Amharic speech to text for free.

Amharic to Phonetics

Got an Amharic text you want to pronounce ? Then use this free tool to convert any Amharic words to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

Amharic Words Rhymer

Writing Amharic poems or songs? Then this tool can help you find rhyming words for your lyrics.

Amharic OCR

Amharic OCR

Convert any Amharic PDF documents and images to text.

Send Free SMS

Send Free SMS

Send free SMS message to any mobile phone in Ethiopia.


Hangman in Amharic

Your favorite Hangman guessing game is now available in Amharic to keep you and your Amharic speaking friends entertained all day long.

Amharic Riddles

Tons of Amharic riddles with answers to keep you and your Amharic speaking friends entertained all day long.

Amharic Typing Game

Learn to type in Amharic in a fun way. Test your speed and accuracy. Challenge yourself!